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Readings & Readers


Hugely grateful to everyone supporting me with the launch of my debut novel. I had my first public reading at The Avid Reader, in my hometown of Davis California. It was an unforgettable evening. My second reading, at the three day pop culture event Sacanime,  has me thinking I want to do a lot more of this. 


Writers live and die by the reviews we get, or don't get, from readers and critics (mostly readers) Social Media is jam-packed with writers hoping to establish enough of a following to make a living. I'm no different, though I'd like to be. I maintain an Author's Page on Facebook and Twitter.



Always appreciate comments and photos from those who have read Geist PreludeBelow are pictures from friends and family in America, Mexico and Great Britain, sharing their enthusiasm for my novel. Tap any image to make it bigger.  



THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Davis Blue Moon Literary Writers Group, World Castle Publishing, Avid Reader, SacAnime, Scott, Antoinette, John, Amy, Sharon, Johnny, Holly, Mick, Morgan, Pam, Gary, Brad, Darrick, Larry, Catriona, Alicia, Brian, Umberto, Ian, Celain, Michael, Bernadette, Dexter, Hans, Babsi, Marsha, Christine, Veneda, Saul, Russ, JJ (see JJ's comments below in the flip book)